Board of Directors

Jewish Memorial Garden

Jewish Memorial Garden

The 2020-2021 JCMI Board of Directors

Jewish Memorial Garden

Jewish Memorial Garden

Jewish Memorial Garden

You can find the Jewish Memorial Garden in the Marco Island Cemetery at 489 W. Elkcam Circle.

Rabbi Mark Wm. Gross


Thank you for looking in our website to learn more about the Jewish community here on Marco Island and our corner of Collier County. A deeply rooted part of the local faith community, our synagogue is home address to the local branch of the Jewish people, a richly diverse population of your fellow Israelites— all of whom have, pretty much by definition, come from somewhere else. 

I am honored to be able to serve as spiritual leader and resident story-teller, Torah-teacher, and arbiter of authenticity to this local bastion of Jewish richness. And I am deeply proud of the dynamic and committed cohort of local Jews whose imagination and dedication have built this community as a nurturing home for us all. 

That includes you! Don’t settle for a virtual visit to our site; drop by and meet us soon or please feel free to contact me directly


Cantorial Soloist Hari Jacobsen

“Sing a new song unto the Lord.” That’s what we read in the 96th Psalm, and that’s what we do at the Jewish Congregation of Marco Island. Music is an integral part of our everyday temple life. Whether you come to attend services, lectures, classes, concerts, or social events, we look forward to meeting, getting to know, worshiping with, and working beside you.

While we are most predominantly a Reform congregation, our members’ backgrounds include Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and Reconstructionist. Therefore, our choices of musical settings mirror that rainbow of interpretations. Whether you love to sing along, never sign along (but love to listen), sing off tune – whatever- we welcome you. We welcome you with traditional settings, contemporary settings, and Nusach. We even take requests.

Not only do we sing a new song unto the Lord, but we sing unto the Lord together. We hope you will join us, as we look forward to praying, studying, and kibitzing with you at the Jewish Congregation of Marco Island.


JCMI President Sue Baum


For over thirty years the Jewish Congregation of Marco Island, or “JCMI” as we refer to it, has been a thriving congregation and the central hub of Jewish life in the Marco Island area.  Although we are a reform congregation, we are inclusive to all.  We take pride in our Jewish heritage that includes the richness and traditions of the reform, conservative and orthodox roots of our members.

JCMI conducts Shabbat services every Friday evening and seasonal Saturday morning Torah study and worship services. Holiday services include Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  Of course we also host life cycle events such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.  And we offer our own separate Jewish Memorial Garden at the Marco Island Cemetery.

Jewish couples moving to the Marco Island area will find JCMI a welcoming congregation.  For many of our members, JCMI has provided the nucleus of their social and spiritual life in southwest Florida.  Newcomers to the area, especially, will be delighted to experience the warm embrace of our congregation.  We love quickly turning “newcomers” into “old friends”.

 So, whether you’re visiting, vacationing, a part time resident or a new resident of our community, please join us for a Friday evening Shabbat service beginning at 7:30 PM every week.  And enjoy our Oneg Shabbat following the service. We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you and demonstrate how very special our congregation is.